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Kathstan College Pre-Primary

Starting school is a BIG step – for both parent and child! Our preschool aims to seamlessly bridge the gap between nursery school and formal schooling.

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Primary School
GRADE 1 - 6

Kathstan College Primary School

The Primary School has the challenging task of laying the foundation which will enable the child to enter high school and embark on the rest of his/her life.

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High School
Grade 7 to 12

Kathstan College High School

The curriculum for the College has been carefully selected in order to prepare pupils for a vocation in the Humanities, the Commercial Sciences or the Natural Sciences.

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About Kathstan College

Kathstan College is registered with the Gauteng Department of Education as a mainstream school, offering the CAPS curriculum of the GDE. Kathstan College enjoys full accreditation by Umalusi. We limit our class sizes throughout the entire school. Should a child face challenges in the classroom situation, remediation will be provided, either in the class or in a small group, or if necessary, on a one-to-one basis by a qualified remedial therapist. We also have Speech and Language therapists and Occupational therapists, who practice at the school during the mornings, but who bill separately. Should your child be a straight “A” student, or a child who battles with education, Kathstan College is the right choice, as our teachers work on each child’s strengths as well as their weaknesses.


Kathstan College follows the curricula of the Gauteng Department of Education. Kathstan is registered with the G.D.E. and is fully accredited with Umalusi. The emphasis of our curriculum is on developing thinking skills and strategies rather than on the rote learning of content material. Included in the curriculum are aspects related to manners, morality, self-esteem, life values, perseverance, loyalty, the ability to work in a team and to communicate effectively with others.


All pupils, unless exempted by a medical certificate, are required to take part in games and physical training. The emphasis is on participation and enjoyment. An inter-house and inter-school athletics meeting and galas are held annually and matches with other schools are arranged regularly in the various sports offered.


Kathstan is not just bricks and mortar. The “Kathstan Family” is very important. The Parent Teacher Association encourages parental involvement in the activities of the school and assists in raising funds for special projects for the school.


Two fully equipped Information Technology Centres Media Centre comprising a host of books, internet for research purposes. Sports Field, Assessment Unit, Remediation, Tuck shop, Aftercare facility (Grade R-6), Homework Class (Grade 4-6)

Kathstan College

All activities are tested against educational goals aimed at deepening the understanding of the pupils and the development of their characters. Each human being must retain his/her uniqueness.



full accreditation by Umalusi



Kathstan’s staff consists of specialised grade, vocational and subject teachers who are dedicated and trained to follow the mediated learning approach.

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Kathstan College is registered with the Gauteng Department of Education as a mainstream school, offering the CAPS curriculum of the GDE. Kathstan College enjoys full accreditation by Umalusi

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School Technology

The School Communicator is an integrated communications solution that allows you to communicate with parents using a variety of tools.


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